Battery Relocation, any way to get rid of voltage problems

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Battery Relocation, any way to get rid of voltage problems

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Is there any way I could get rid of voltage drop problem with battery relocation??

Im keep getting daughter board low voltage error

battery is now located in the trunk

I used 1 guage wire for the positive and ran from trunk to normal position where the terminal is located

ground is grounded to trunk chassis area

is there any way i could keep my battery relocation and not have daughter board error?
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make sure the grounding point is making good contact. if so check the battery. i was having the same problem. last thing i checked was the battery cause it was a brand new Optima. Tried another battery and stopped getting error
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I have a deka etx-14 motorcycle/ATV battery in the trunk. I'm using 4 gauge wire for the positive up to a battery terminal that the stock clamp attaches to. The ground in the rear is to on of the safety thether bolt holes. This is in a 2002 ep3 chassis.

In general, I didn't have any battery voltage problems severe enough to cause any daughterboard communication errors. However, I did pick up .2V from cleaning up all my ground points.

A relocated battery is perfectly doable with k-pro, just make sure you've got a good ground and good connections.
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