After Toda cams are installed

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After Toda cams are installed

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I?m driving a Type R DC5 with a Toda manifold, J?SRacing exhaust and a K-Pro ecu running on 95 European octane fuel

Soon I?m going to have Toda A2 cams & springs installed. I will have to drive about 40 miles after the install to have the K-Pro remapped as the Mechanic installing the cams and the K-Pro tuner are in different areas. Question I have is will it be safe to make the trip or are the any precautions I should take or simply put should I not make the journey on my current map?

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You will have to look at datalogs and see how your A/F looks and check for knocks. You should not drive very hard.

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I have used these cams many times.
Not a problem.

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Just keep it below VTEC with closed loop 'on' and you will have no problem driving to your tuner.