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First time with KPro

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 5:37 am
by Ecky
Hi all,

Got my first K series not long ago - K24A2, swapped into a Honda Insight. I'm using an RSX harness, Type-S ECU, Accord TB for cable conversion on RBB intake. A couple of questions:

1) I'm having trouble getting my idle right. It seems the longer the car runs, the more I need to bump up the idle valve duty cycle. A setting that's "just right" after my 30 minute commute and catches the falling idle right around 900rpm will have the idle dipping precariously low upon throttle release after a 4 hour trip (3-400rpm). Set it right after a 4 hour drive and at the 30 minute mark, when I press the clutch in, idle will shot up to 2000-2500rpm, and is even worse fully cold. What am I missing? I haven't touched 0 degree cam ignition timing yet.

2) I'd like to get A/C switch input working. Multiplexer is disabled, VTEC pressure switch is disabled, Alternate A/C switch input is enabled. I re-pinned things so the car's A/C switch is going where it's supposed to (surprisingly the A/C switch in the Insight is the same color as the VTPsw in the RSX), and verified when I cycle A/C I get 12v and 0v on the line. However, in KPro I never see the ACSW sensor activate. If I re-enable VTP, toggling the A/C causes VTP to toggle. What am I missing?

3) Cold starts (in summer) take 5-8 seconds of cranking. Fuel pressure is correct at the rail. I'm guessing this is cranking fuel trim? It fires up first crank when warm though. I may try playing with this value, but what else affects this? Should I uncheck "disable ignition retard when the engine is cold" ?

4) Let's say I wanted to run a bit lean at low load/RPM cruise. What values do I have to change? I know I can change target lambda in the target lambda table, but in Parameters / Closed Loop Advanced there are also Target Lambda Limit, Target Lambda ECT Low and Target Lambda ECT High. I haven't yet finished tweaking my fuel tables so I haven't tried leaning it out yet, but why are there so many places one can set target lambda?

Expanding on 4, if one sets target lambda to (let's say) 12.5 AFR in the WOT cells, why would one want to use WOT compensation tables and not just set it in the normal lambda tables?

Can someone take a look at my kal and give me any tips/advice?


Re: First time with KPro

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 7:40 am
by Hondata
1. Make sure the main relay is wired correctly otherwise the ECU will not get keep alive power and the idle learn will never complete. Also the idle valves gunk up quickly so need to be cleaned. Finally if the throttle plate has any air leak or is adjusted open a little then the idle valve learn position will be wrong.
2. Should work. I would use a nitrous output to test the AC clutch output.
3. Fuel pump non return valve may not be working. You could increase the cranking base pulse but normally it does not need to be adjusted.
4. Change the close loop target lambda.

Re: First time with KPro

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 8:50 am
by Ecky
1) Since I'm reflashing frequently to update fuel maps, I'm resetting the idle learn every time, yeah?

2) I'll give that a try, thanks.

3) The car normally has a return fuel system, while the K24 rail is returnless. I have a FPR with a return in the engine bay. I notice after the pump primes, pressure very slowly drops, but it's equally hard to start whether I do it right away or wait 30 seconds.

4) Ok. So even if the target lambda limit is set to, say, 14.7, I can still change the closed loop target lambda to 16:1 (just as an example) and it will run at 16:1?

Re: First time with KPro

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 1:39 pm
by Hondata
1. Yes. But the main relay wiring is a problem with many engine swaps so it is worth checking.
4. Yes. It should target 16:1 in closed loop.

Re: First time with KPro

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 5:36 pm
by Ecky
Combining a Nitrous I/O with the AC switch checkbox seemed to do the trick, thanks for the tip. I don't see the checkboxes check for either ACSW or ACC but it works.