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K-Series Programmable ECU installation questions / support issues
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..: quick help please :..

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i was reading through the website and i noticed that for the ITR reflash they used different intake valve springs. it said that F20c springs are used for the outer and type r were used for the inner...my qustion is for which type r were the inner springs taken out of...is it from the dc5 or dc2...also is it possible to use the dc2 itr inner and outer intake springs?...any help would be appreciated...thanks
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Toda valve springs are good and they are suitable for most aftermarket cams as well.
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read again ... they didn't use a different set of valve springs ... they were just stating that some of the springs found in the R are slightly different than in the S
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K20A valve springs

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Initially both the K20A and K20A2 used a dual valve spring setup on both the intake and exhaust side. Sometime in late 2002/early 2003 Honda changed to a single intake spring (no inner) which rumour has it is the S2000 intake valve spring. In any case the S2000 valve spring is the right diameter and the installed height is almost identical, so that makes sense. BTW the single valve springs are generally color coded yellow.

We believe the valve spring change was made so that you can mis-shift and the engine will survive. On the single valve springs I mis-shifted my race engine a few times to 10,000 - 10,500 rpm, and it still functions fine.

Testing pressure over the nose of the cam the dual springs are around 190 lbs, the single springs 220 lbs (from memory).

Anyhow, put the valve cover, check the intake springs. If you have dual intake springs then it would be a good idea to change to single, probably just new valve springs from Acura.