K-Pro questions

K-Series Programmable ECU installation questions / support issues
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K-Pro questions

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I just installed the K-pro in my car and I have a few questions. (I have a K20A2 swap in my Ep). These are as follows:

1. My immobilizer indicator is flashing and I want to have my Honda dealer reprogram my ECU to my key and immobilizer, will this affect anything with my K-Pro?

2. I tried to update my software from the K-Manager help menu and it replies that the connection failed. I'm accessing the internet through a firewall. could this be the problem?

3. I have a Venom VCN-2000 system. How should I configure the nitrous control and how do I wire it up (if any) to the K-Pro?

4. I can't access the Help database, the software returns a statement saying the files cannot be found???

Thank you for your input.

Ps. The K-Pro ROCKS!!!


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1) reprogramming the immobilizer will not affect the k-pro

2) your firewall is most likely the problem...try downloading the software directly from http://www.hondata.com/downloads.html

3) with the k-pro, you will not need the venom controller, just hook the system up as a dry system using a relay to activate the nitrous solenoid. If you are unsure how to proeprly connect htis, contact someone familiar with installing a dry nitrous setup.

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You can locate the help file manually.
It should be in the Kmanager directory.