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how much hp and torque will 2003 type rsx will gain by having this simple mods like v2 aem intake and greddy evo exaust system plus the hondata,s ecu
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With these upgrades AEM2 and exhaust with the ecu you should expect at least 190+ at the tires. The baseline numbers on the rsx-s are different some people get 160hp some get as much as 173. I got 170.4 to the tires bone stock on a 248c dynojet with 19k miles on the car.
Toda Racing tested there car and got 171.9 stock. With intake exhaust and headers (don't know which ones) they got 195.5!! Because the ecu upgrade "tunes everything" I personally would expect 190 or so. These cars are great naturally aspirated man. If you want more balls after the basics it will cost, but to get 200whp shouldn't be to hard on the wallet.

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