Questions / support for the K-Series ECU re-flash
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Hey today i was driving and normally and then i shifted to 4th gear and all of a sudden my car suddenly got loud and then the power was like gone. When i accelerate the car would barely move, there is like no power. My car sounds like a damn go-kart. Every time i stop the car shuts down and even to start it you have to keep revving or else the car will die out. It kind of sounds like its running on 3 cylinders. It drives really rough. The check engine light keeps blinking. Then i started to drive it home and then all of a sudden i could not rev over 3000rpm, if i tried it, it would just bounce back as if you were trying to rev over 8000rpm. I checked the oil and it was fine and then i reset the ECU and still nothing. Then a friend of mine came and plugged in his ECU and he has K-Pro to see if he can see what the problem is on his laptop and the only error that showed up was a faulty catalic and my mods are CAI, header and custom piping with no cat. Anybody know whats wrong pls let me know. Thank you can either respond here or e-mail me at Thanks.
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You car is going into limp mode. There are a ton of things that would make it do this.