Reflash with supercharger?

Questions / support for the K-Series ECU re-flash
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Reflash with supercharger?

Post by RSXS2002 »

I bought a 2002 RSX Type S and the person before had put a jackson racing supercharger on it, and nothing else. no supporting mods or nothing done to the ecu, what do i need to have done to the ecu so that it will allow the supercharger to be used to its full potential?

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he had a supercharger and nothing done to the ECU????? Obvisiouly this thing wasn't working to its full potential as you say, but on the other hand which is more serious it might have damaged the engine!!!

More air needs more fuel it's as simple as that. If nothing was done to the ECU then after a point the fuel mixture would have been extremely lean...

How long was he running on this setup?