First post with some questions

Questions / support for the K-Series ECU re-flash
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First post with some questions

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hello my name is bruno and im from portugal.

my ctr now has hondata airbox mod with kn filter, decat and supersprint cat-back. i also have suspension and brake mods. it runs fine but i want more.

the questions are:

can i buy an ecu from the junkyard and then send it to u with my car key's and imobilizer? will it work? if not can i just send the ecu and then will the car work without the imobilizer?

there is no hondata dealer in portugal so to where or to wich adress should i send the ecu?

how much time to be sent back?

can u program the ignition to work with 98/100 octane fuel?

acording to my current mods how much more can i get with the reflash? and how much more with itr dc5 reflash with itr cams?

thanks for the help