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by Bakeoff
Tue Apr 13, 2004 4:52 pm
Forum: s100/s200
Topic: dumping fuel, weird map readings
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dumping fuel, weird map readings

So, I just got my car together, and after uploading the map to my romulator, I start up the car. It is DUMPING fuel like mad. Here's the basics of the setup d16z6 t3 turbo (waste gate left open for braking in the engine) s200B 3 bar map (wired per hondata instructions) dsm 450cc with honda resistor ...
by Bakeoff
Mon Dec 02, 2002 6:04 pm
Forum: Non-Hondata
Topic: WTB:
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I've got a p06 and d15 engine harness if you're interested. Email me at or hit me up on aim. Bakeoff2