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Civic Si FlashPro reviews

Mo Choudhury Swift Racing Technologies

Just wanted to share some of my experiences with the New Hondata FlashPro for the 8th Gen Civic Sis. First let me start by saying that we were honored to be one of the beta testers chosen for the units and during the beta testing phase I personally have never dealt with any company that was so prompt to fix any issues (whether small or big) with a new product in development as was the case with Hondata.

Next I would like to express my sentiments tuning with the FlashPro. Coming from an extensive background with tuning standalones it was slightly different in the sense that you have to make changes to the calibration and then upload the calibration file to the factory ecu, it takes a couple of times of doing so to get used to, but then it becomes second nature.

Tuning with the FlashPro was a snap, in my honest opinion I felt that tuning with it (when following the proper procedure) is very through and complete, I especially enjoyed tuning the different cam phasing angles and then overlaying the graph to optimize the power band, it worked flawlessly!

Real world driving experience: what more can I say other than the car drives like it is bone stock (BTW the car has our SRT bolt-on turbo kit and 2.5" exhaust). Idles perfect, super smooth transition from closed loop to open loop, cold start is just like stock, I can go on and on but all I have to say is that this is how the car should have come from the factory :) PS we got an improvement of +85% on peak power/torque with an astounding improvement of over +100% in power/torque in the midrange (around 5.9K rpms) AND that is power seen at the wheels!

As you know we tried several other tuning methods and spent countless hours on our dyno tuning some of the major brand piggy back units, needless to say we will be highly recommending everyone to use the FlashPro for the Civic Sis as the absolute best tuning tool for the cars AND we are proud to make the Hondata FlashPro as the Engine Management of choice as standard and only equipment for our SRT 06+ Honda Civic Si Turbo Kits. Thank you for all your help you guys have been great.

SoxFAN143 - Greddy Turbo

Now I will say that this system was hyped up pretty big and I can say that it delivered on my expectations and then some. I only loaded the GReddy 650cc calibration and did not touch anything besides the 4 bar MAP selection and my car drives like it came with the turbo. Hondata did a GREAT job with this system. It is very easy to use and the data logging is awesome. The power is so much smoother and the turbo spools almost 800rpm sooner and holds boost all the way to 8500rpm. I will add that I am running 12psi and the tune is great up to there. I think I could even add some more timing and even pull a little fuel up top for even more power. But I'm going to wait for the dyno.

I would like to add that Hondata's customer service is incredible. Last night I noticed that the 4 bar MAP sensor selection was not saving into my calibration and with that issue I would not be able to save and upload that calibration and allow me to use the 4 bar sensor. I received a PM from Hondata about an hour after I started a thread about it (about 1 hour after I received my FlashPro) and it contained a link with the updated software and it worked great. I also was having an issue where my car would throw a CEL for the VTC solenoid (P0010) instantly after start up and Hondata helped me trouble shoot and eliminate the possibility of another software bug. They also helped me trouble shoot the issue. It ended up being a damaged pin in my ECU and I had to zip tie my main harness connector tighter against the ECU. I am going to need a new ECU to repair correctly but it is fine for now.

So in conclusion, I can't say enough about the quality of this product and the service that I received from Hondata. And I'm so glad that Hondata didn't listen to us bitching and took their time developing a tremendous product for our cars. My hats off to Hondata and their team. Thanks guys.

Edit: I would like to add that I went today for my MA state inspection and the FlashPro was flawless. I passed with flying colors. Every readiness code was set and it ran like it was stock. The guy didn't even open the hood. All he said was "this car purrs lite a kitten" lol.."I'm not even going to bother opening the hood" If I pulled in there with the crapmanage on my car he would have thrown a hand grenade in my front seat. lol..No seriously, I have a scanner that will run all the readiness checks when I connect to the ECU and there was always a question mark next to the O2 test and the Cat test. And I have a cat and both O2's operating as normal. But with the emanage in there the readiness codes were NOT set. I would have failed. and i was up at the end of the month. Thanks again Hondata. My life would have sucked if I failed my state inspection. I would have had to completely remove my kit and any sign of it and return to stock to get re-inspected then reinstall the kit again if it wasn't for FlashPro. Awesome product.

I don't think you truly understand the greatness that is the Hondata FlashPro until you've tried boosting without it. The car drives BETTER than my friends Mazdaspeed6. It is absolutely perfect and I'm running the base GReddy tune that was tuned on 91 a different car with different fuel in a different part of the country. I'm so amazed by how awesome my car runs that I'm driving around with this stupid smile on my face like 99% of the time. People must think I'm special.


OMG, what an incredible difference. Seriously. Everything that has (been) said about the FlashPro is true. Some things I have noticed in the short drive I took:

1. Car idles much smoother.
2. Car is much quieter. I know several people mentioned this and I am not sure why it is happening, but the car really is quieter. Idle sound is virtually the same as stock now. On the freeway the car is much quieter.
3. Throttle response is considerably crisper. I did not experience the hesitation I often get when the car is cold.
4. VTEC, oh sweet VTEC. The car transitions into VTEC beautifully. No more delay and then boom. Now, it's bury the throttle and watch VTEC engage smoothly.
5. Performance. Butt dyno says it's faster. How much faster? Can't say, but one of my favorite on ramps seems shorter now.
6. This is so easy and user friendly to use, even a Cave Man could do it. Really. Nothing to it. Hondata has made the instructions so easy to follow and the menu is clear, so even a tuning noob like myself can do it. I am not saying that I can do a custom tune. I'll leave that for an epic tuner we have in the Twin Cities, but for a basemap, it is very logical and easy to follow the directions.

I am so exhilarated at the moment. For those of you who have been on the sidelines deciding if you should do it or not, DO IT! Do it NOW! What are you waiting for?


my thoughts on the flash pro, AMAZING!

tuned yesterday at Churches.

  • 750cc injectors
  • evo2 exhaust
  • boost controller
  • 4bar map sensor
  • no fuel pump
  • no return system.

I made 292hp with 250lb at 12.5psi on 91 octane. car runs strong and smooth now throttle problems anymore spools fast and holds strong.


So I finally installed my flashpro lastnight.I was gonna do a review but I thought that everything that was happening was just in my head but after my drive to and from the gym I now it wasnt a dream. My car is quick as *&^% now and driveability is also the %^&*. From 1500 on up the car is a beast now with a silky smooth power curve and of course no bogging or rev hang. VTEC kicks in at 4600 and although there isnt kick anymore it really doesnt matter cause it screams all the way to readline(thanks to M&M).If you havent bought it yet or are still on the fence about Cobb or Hondata I highly recommend the Flashpro to any and every Si owner.

Torque and Hp down low making the car easier to drive in daily traffic
No bogging or Rev hang
Power is always on tap (no downshifting to pass cars or just speed up)
Properly lowered VTEC point for increased power
Dataloging and Loading Maps is super easy as long as you have some common sense and computer skills
Gas mileage is great I hit vtec about 10 times last night and didnt lose a bar.
Quieter exhaust although I still cant figure out how.

Yeah Right!!!


To Hondata, thanks a million. My car feels like it just lost the flu.


Car feels amazing... someone mentioned that it felt like the car didn't have the flu anymore. I'd say it's more like the black plague.

I've got the Fujita SRI and WS2 exhaust. I used the MAP based Fujita tune as a base, then went from there on the dyno.

Overall, I gained 6 hp at the very end. Taken at first glance, you might say 'that sucks'. And you would be very wrong lol. Tuning literally opened a 9-10 HP gap everywhere else on the HP band, and from 5500 to 6500 rpm I gained about 25 hp. The HP curve is a straight arrow, and the torque band is much more linear. Finally, my AF was originally at 11.9-12.5, but my car's not turboed, so it sucked. My tuner upped it to 13.0, and during runs it averaged out at that number. I was especially pleased with the lack of any real variance (12.5 at the lowest, and 13.8 at highest), which only happened for the first dyno pulls once it was set.

After I got out of the dyno, the hugest difference I noticed was surprisingly in the lower-mid range. Something like 3k-4.5k (i.e., before vtec). It pulled a lot harder and effortless. Past that, I have to admit my car now gets a little torque steer! Needless to say, I'm happy.

Finally, I'd like to add that even assuming I'd gained no power, the fact that the flashpro ELIMINATES rev hang and that GOD AWFUL bogging is worth the money.


Thanks for such a FANTASTIC product!
The tech. help is the SOLE reason I went with Hondata.


Just got in from my first reflashed drive, all i have to say is wow.
I mean i don't have many bolt-ons as of right now just INJEN CAI, TBS but the car feels like the day i drove it off the lot. The rev hang is virtually eliminated and it leaves room for a light flywheel to bring it down even faster, shifting is smoother in my opinion because of the lack of (hang). Car sounds better due to the TUNED CAI and pulls harder all across the power band.
I am extremely happy with the Flashpro, it has met and exceeded my expectation in it's ease of use and it's outstanding results.


Before I had the flashpro I had the aem sri, vibrant with hfc and skunk 2 exhaust and I was idling with the a/c on the rpms would go up and down alot like it would bog just sitting there. I was in my car for 20 minutes right now. temp is 75 outside so I turned on my a/c and rolled up the windows and laid there. the car idles smoothly at around 800 rpm. it just sat there. rpm never went up or down.

Thank you Hondata.


I must say that the (CT supercharged) Stage 2 calibration vs Stage 1 is awesome. The low throttle drive-ability is greatly improved and much smoother. Throttle response seems significantly improved as well as the vtec crossover.

The bottom line is I'm extremely pleased with the Flashpro and I've yet to even scratch the surface of its abilities.


I can't describe with enough enthusiasm how good the entire system and the Greddy turbo calibration runs on this car!!!.

The car drives soooooooo smooooooth.

Thanks Hondata for saving my baby