The Integra FlashPro boosts your MT Integra's performance and with flat foot shifting gives you a new way to drive. The preset dyno tuned base map delivers 30 lb-ft more mid range torque for an exhilarating driving experience. Connect to your Integra engine with your phone and record your track experience to share on your social media.

Your CVT Integra, gains even more than the MT over stock with the same tune as the Si.


  • Improved turbo spool
  • Flat foot shifting 
  • Traction control
  • Raised boost limits
  • Better throttle response
  • Better mid range power and torque
  • Removed speed limit
  • No change in part throttle fuel economy
  • World class datalogging
  • Programmable ECU interface.
  • Connects via OBDII diagnostic port.
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Works with Laptop or Desktop
  • No ECU modification necessary.
  • 20 hours on board datalogging memory.
  • Security Password.
  • FlashProManager Windows software.
  • Check and clear diagnostic codes.
  • Custom laptop gauges.
  • Dual calibration storage - upload from one of two calibrations stored in the FlashPro
  • Bluetooth phone or tablet App

 The FlashPro has the best datalogging capability and support in the industry. There is simply no better way to learn how your engine runs and responds than by connecting a FlashPro and datalogging. See for yourself.

The Hondata FlashPro is a product that delivers all the features you need, now, fully working, that will grow with you as you upgrade your engine. With live tuning capabilities, your tuner can now tune your car faster and more accurately.

The FlashPro is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. As a result of local assembly, extensive testing before shipping and our stringent quality control, the FlashPro is incredibly reliable.

Check ECU Compatibility

To ensure that you order the correct FlashPro we recommend that you check your ECU is supported.

ECU part number

The ECU part number is located on the ECU. The ECU is located in the engine bay near the battery. You may need to remove a plastic cover in order to see the sticker containing the part number.


Sales Region US/Canada Only
EPA/CARB status (USA) Competition vehicles only
Model Integra
Year 2023+
Market US
Trim Turbo Sedan, MT and CVT
Engine L15CA
Transmission MT, CVT
Part Number 6LM-A02 US
6LM-A52 US

FlashPro Manager software's advanced datalogging and live tuning capabilities combined with thoroughly tested base maps allow your car to be tuned faster and more accurately than any other solution on the market. You will love the way your engine's response is improved.

FlashPro features

Integra software editing & features

  • Improved turbo spool
  • Live tuning - tune while you drive
  • Flat foot shifting  - save tires and cut lap times
  • Traction control
  • Raised boost limits
  • Better throttle response
  • Better mid range power and torque
  • Removed speed limit
  • No change in part throttle fuel economy
  • World Class Datalogging - which will teach you a lot about your engine.

Hondata is the world leader in tuning Honda  engines and have many world records to prove this. Every map listed here has been comprehensively tuned for fuel, ignition and boost.

Listed here is the starting calibration dyno plot for the race and CARB version.

How the FlashPro will perform on a stock Integra 1.5 Turbo? The answer is superbly! You gain 30-40 lb-ft torque throughout your typical driving RPM range of 2500-4500 rpm.

With a stock Integra 1.5 MT & FlashPro you will benefit from:

  • Improved turbo spool
  • Flat foot shifting 
  • Traction control
  • Raised boost limits
  • Better throttle response
  • Better mid range power and torque
  • Removed speed limit
  • No change in part throttle fuel economy
  • World Class Datalogging - which will teach you a lot about your engine.

Base maps:

This is the base tune included with FlashPro and 91 octane.

Integra 1.5 high octane 

    +4 HP and 29 lb-ft torque

Integra 1.5 E35 flex fuel and aftermarket clutch

    +35 HP and 72 lb-ft torque

This is a starting map using California 91 octane as the base fuel. Much more can be gained by using 93 octane, higher ethanol content and running more boost. This calibration requires a clutch as the stock clutch will slip. Perfect for your track and drag racing.

Release video

Integra Flex Fuel Tuning

We've put together a series of training videos to describe the function and use of the FlashPro. View the videos in High Definition Full Screen to view the screen shots.

FlashPro Introduction

Hondata's new generation programming tool for the 06 - 09 US Civic Si, the Japanese 06-09 Civic Type R and the European 07-09 Civic Type R. A brief introduction.

FlashPro getting started


This video covers the installation the FlashPro Manager software, the USB drivers, software registration and upload of a calibration.

Live Tuning

One of the latest features added to FlashPro, live tuning gives you the ability to tune your Honda or Acura on the fly without switching off the engine. Live tuning simplifies part throttle tuning and significantly reduces the time and cost of tuning your car.

Race Calibration

Hondata has developed a Race calibration which allows you to tune with the MAP sensor and bypass the limitations of the AFM sensor. A look at the tuning principles for forced induction on a modern return-less fuel system.

Datalogging and Air fuel ratios

A look a the extensive datalogging capabilities of the FlashPro and the many ways in which to examine your engine data. We touch on the datalogging of the air fuel ratios and how you can use it to adjust your tuning.

The FlashPro uses software called FlashProManager for tuning & datalogging.

Online help is available.

Integra FlashPro owner feedback


The torque that we have gained in the mid range is really noticeable. I still average the same mpg if people are concerned about miles per gallon when tuning their vehicle.  Overall it’s great. I would say for your average person that wants to gain a little bit more power or torque the first tune is exactly what they’re looking for and gives you that little boost that most people would want.

***Flex Fuel Calibration Thoughts;

Definitely wakes up the car. It's way faster and so far I haven't seen any drastic fuel milage change. Really good tune with no issues.

10th Gen Civic owner feedback


What won me over initially was throttle response and how much more torque the car had. The moment when my foot went to the floor on the gas, the first thought was, "Oh shit!" and honestly was surprised it was the same car I have except properly tuned. (Hellooooo wheel-slip  ).


Oh yea it hauls some ass for sure.


It's like night and day.


Let me tell one pulls HARD on the street wow!


The car sits you back in your seat and the traction control kicks in under full throttle bc the tires will break loose as max boost hits. Maybe its the cool weather helping it lose traction but it doesnt do that on the stock tune. And it feels effortless for this car to pass at freeway speeds when giving it some gas pedal.


The quickest 0-60 time I've been able to pull using the torque app was a 6.3... I feel a huge difference between stock and using the flashpro.. It pushes you back in your seat


There's a dramatic difference in acceleration. 40-90mph took about 7.4 seconds (flat road), compared to 10 seconds stock.


Just got my FlashPro and loaded a basemap 6 PSI boost with Injen CAI. Wow, feels like a different car. Big gains!


I have put it on my Malaysian 1.5T Civic and managed to achieve a new top speed (of 268 kph) on the dyno. no more getting stuck at 207km/h on the highways anymore.

Hondata FlashPro Integra 2023+ Turbo 1.5 US

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