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These are unsolicited comments from our customers.

After the reflash, my first impressions were much better throttle response. Especially at part throttle, it didn't hesitate and just pulls. Low end torque is greatly increased. I lost some of my low-end torque due to installing my SRI, but I feel I've gained it all back plus some with Hondata. I can pull in 2nd at 1000 RPMs and the car doesn't hesitate, just picks up and goes like nothing. 5th gear passing power is greatly improved, I never had to downshift driving home passing big rigs. Just gave the gas pedal some throttle and the car picked up and moved quickly. I was VERY impressed. Mid-range around 3-5k pulls much harder than it did before, it revs a lot quicker.

Now, upper RPMs is totally daw dropping awesome. My motor screams soooo LOUD right between 6-7.5k, the intake gets twice as loud as it does normally at WOT for some reason. Probably has something to do with VTC phasing. The power does drop after 75-7700 RPMs on the tach, but it still pulls very good. Shifting at 8k on the tach drops the RPMs back right into the power band and the car just picks up and goes, no lag no nothing. In first gear, rolling at 2500 RPMs, I can punch the throttle and the tires will chirp and the car will just shoot to 8k on the tach and the motor scream so wonderfully with the SRI.

Hondata is worth every penny. On my way to Torrance I got 29-30 MPG and on the way back after the Hondata reflash, even though I rev'd my motor to 8k on the tach I still got 31 MPG. And I took it easy the last half after refilling again and I was really surprised to get 34 MPG, no joke. I'm very stoaked about the upgrade and highly recommend it.

EPHatch Member

OK, here are my results:

Baseline Max: 173.2HP 128.8TQ (last run was highest)
Baseline Avg: 172.4HP 126.4TQ

Intake Manifold Gasket Max: 178.2HP 131.5TQ
Intake Manifold Gasket Avg: 176.6HP 130.7TQ

All figures are SAE corrected and I was on a Dynojet.

Screw heatsoak!!! The IMG on average gained me 4.2HP and 4.3TQ.

ClubRSX Member

I have the Hondata flash. I felt a gain throughout the entire rpm range. The car just pulls alot stronger even down low. As far as performance goes, I have not dyno'ed, but I did test at the track before/after. In the same weather conditions (HOT & HUMID +/- 5 degrees) I dropped a half second (0.5) and my trap gained 4mph. I ran 15.98 @ 85 before and 15.52 @ 89.4 after. You can now hit over 60mph in 2nd gear and finish the 1/4 mile in 3rd gear, unlike before.

Big Si Guy
Honda-Tech Member

I finally got a s200 system on my car, and I just wanted to say thank you
for this great system.  It has been like the cure to cancer for my car.
After having numerous tuning problems in the past, this system made my car
finally run the way it should.  Just like a car that came stock with a
turbo.  Thank You.

Brantley, Brian PO

Hondata users get the FINEST customer service available from ANY engine management company... and believe me, I have talked to them ALL. Doug has, and always will; assist any and all of his customers with a dedication that is extremely rare in this day and age. Doug called me to help with a resolution... and has offered to ship all of the necessary hardware AT HIS EXPENSE to repair my wounded car.



Well about 2 1/2 weeks ago I got in on a c-speedracing group buy for a hondata. I hooked it all up and got a nasty check engine light and could not pull the codes. well after a ton of help from people we swaped everything: odb harness and ecu and found out that it was a bad/wrong burnt chip from cspeed. So after all the help from Doug and the other guys@hondata, Cresant@cspeedracing, and alot of help from Sonny and the guy who goes by turboteg via IM. Have only a few words about the hondata setup (3b). Well would i go through it all again?????? HELL YEAH!!! after driving my car today (untuned) it drives just like a turbo eclipse/talon. its as if the turbo came with the car. all the people out there were right all along and i cant believe i did not make this purchase longer ago. The launch controll and full throttle shift are crazy and the power comes on so much stronger! Its like a new car. After selling all my getto stuff, fuel pump, vortec fpr, and vafc it was almost free!

Damian Hindley

I am a owner and tuner for your system and I just want to thank you for the great system. I personaly run a honda shop and have tuned a number of systems (electromotive, pms, sds) and none of them stand up to yours. The Hondata tunes so well it actually saves on an average turbo car 2-3 hours on the dyno. thanks again.

Shad, accuracy automotive

Once again, thank you for your great customer service. Hondata is one of the few companies in the performance market which understands how to properly do business in today's high service economy. This will bring great longevity to your product as you know. As more and more competitors enter the performance industry, only the ones which take care of their customers will survive.

Jeremy Allgeier

The Hondata system has allowed me to unleash the true potential of my car. I am 100% satisified with it and would definitely buy it again. The system is very intuitive and easy to use. In addition, the support from Hondata and their dealers is first rate, something everyone should consider when purchasing any form of engine management.

Sonny Van Hook <>

 I just want to thank you and South Florida Performance for my Hondata 3B. I honestly think it is the best investment I have made for my car. Ever since I put it on, my car drives fine, starts up perfect, and runs really hard. I have a 2000 GSR Turbo. I have about 13,000 miles on it. My block is sleeved and the parts consist of JE 9:1 pistons and Pauter Rods. My head is COMPLETELY stock. I'm using the P28 OBDI computer. There was an event this weekend at Moroso. I drove up there from Miami w/ full interior in my car including my spare tire. My A/C was cranking, I still had power steering, the whole nine yards. I managed to run a best time of 11.90 @ 119.33mph. This was at 19.5psi. After that run, I picked up and drove to my hotel. Then drove back to the track the next day, raced the whole day and drove back to Miami. I got a total of 16 runs and still managed to drive my car back to Miami w/out any problems. I think this deserves a mention considering its a daily driver, I mean EVERY DAY I get around in this car. To work, to school, out on weekends, everywhere!!! And also, my head is completely stock. Frank Smith from South Florida did a great job w/ this car. That is a great shop and has great customer service.

Jorge Llaguno <>

I thank you very much for being patient and great for service. I'm probably your biggest pain in the ass with all the things that seem to be going wrong, questions etc. You are the best person I've ever dealt with for aftermarket equip. and service before and after the sale. You have also provided excellent distributor support and the fastest service in the mail order business. Thank you for all of your help


Podium Performance

Customer service is incredible as I have been pestering Doug EVERYDAY for the last week and he always gets back with me, has sent me extra equipment to help diagnose the problem.


Your technical support and efficiency in getting us the parts/info we need is far superior to that of so many companies we have to deal with in this industry.

Nelson Goncalves


Again, thanks for your help...It really makes me happy when someone like yourself takes the time to respond to technical emails and phone calls...with the way this market is going these days, it's hard to find help.

Jay Marentette :

I want to take the opportunity to thank you ..... you and your company are truely a class act and really care about your customers.

Scott Swank

Thanks again for your support and providing an excellent product. We've had excellent results with it.

Crescent Kao

C Speed Racing


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