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Hondata Landspeed Racing Team


2007 Achievements

Month Class Record Old Record Links
May F/BGALT 165.756   Photos


June G/GALT 157.162 147.000 Photos


August G/GALT 167.346    


G/GCC 167.988    
  G/FCC 186.505    


G/FALT 184.025    
September G/FALT 184.480   Video

2008 Plans

The plan this year is to run two cars - the RSX and a new car - a CRX. 

The RSX will be running in the Competition Coupe Class this season, utilizing the low compression 2L engine that was run at El Mirage in September. Doug plans on making a couple of modifications to the setup, including a low temperature intercooler for the Rotrex Supercharger, as supplied by Kraftwerks. Our plan is to shoot for the 200 mph club  at Bonneville in August.

The CRX was chosen for its good aerodynamics and is presently down at Brian Kono's Afterhours Automotive getting its roll cage etc. It will be running in the Altered Class, utilizing a 1.5 K-Series engine, putting it in the H class. However due to time constraints, the CRX will be running the 2L engine Doug used at Bonneville in May. Miriam will be the new driver for this vehicle.