• ECU Jailbreak (2017+ Civic Type R FK8)

From the factory ECUs made by Bosch for Honda cannot be programmed over OBDII and must be sent to Hondata for jail-breaking.

The normal turnaround time is two days. We return ship via FedEx.

Jailbreak steps:

  • Print out and fill in the jailbreak form (include this form with the ECU).
  • Send your ECU to
        Hondata Jailbreak
        2840 Columbia Street
        Torrance CA 90503

 Note that we may not be able to jailbreak ECUs which have been opened.

If you wish to retain your stock ECU in an unaltered form Hondata can clone your ECU to a brand new jailbroken ECU. The stock ECU is not modified.  The clone ECU works interchangeably with your stock ECU but allows FlashPro OBDII programming.  The ECUs can be swapped without needing to reprogram the immobilizer.

If you choose this option then you still need to send in your stock ECU.

If you already have a spare ECU, you can send that for cloning as well as your stock ECU.

ECU Jailbreak (2017+ Civic Type R FK8)

  • Brand: Hondata, Inc.
  • Product Code: jailbreak
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $250.00

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