Technical Information OBDI ECU Reference

These are the ECUs which Hondata currently provides systems for.  Here is how to identify your ECU. Please note that some ECU codes (e.g. P72) are available over more than one generation (e.g. OBDI and OBDII), therefore it is important to identify the ECU connectors as well as the ECU code.  Some automatic ECUs can be converted to manual, other automatic ECUs are not suitable.

If the ECU is not listed, then Hondata does not offer any system for that ECU, however it usually is possible to use another ECU for your vehicle.  See applications by engine or applications by vehicle to identify what ECUs can be used for your engine/vehicle combination.

Also see K-Series ECU reference.


ECU Connectors Country Vehicle of Origin VTEC IAB Knock Hondata Systems Notes
PR3 OBD0 JDM 89-91 Integra XSi X   X no longer supported (convert to OBD1) 2
PW0 OBD0 JDM 89-91 Civic/CRX SiR X   X no longer supported (convert to OBD1) 2
PR3 OBD1 JDM Integra XSi X   X s300 2
PR4 OBD1 US 92-93 Integra LS/GS       s300 1,2,3
P06 OBD1 US 92-95 Civic DX       s300 1,2,3
P08J OBD1 JDM 92-95 Civic D15z
    s300j 1,2
P28 OBD1 US 92-95 Civic Si/EX X     s300 1,2
P30-A OBD1 US 92-95 Del Sol VTEC X   X s300 1,2
P30-O OBD1 JDM 92-95 Civic/CRX X   X s300j 1,2
P30-G OBD1 Asia/Euro 92-95 Civic/CRX X
  s300 2
P61 OBD1 US 92-93 Integra GSR X   X s300 1,2
P72 OBD1 US 94-95 Integra GSR X X X s300 1,2
P72J OBD1 JDM 92-95 Integra VTEC X X X s300j 1,2
P74 OBD1 US 94 Integra LS/GS       s300 1,2,3
P75 OBD1 US 95 Integra LS/GS       s300 1,2,3


  1. Discontinued Hondata s100/s200 and Stage 2/3/4 systems will work for these OBDI ECUs but it is recommended to use the s300 system.
  2. Can be used only on vehicles with manual transmissions only.
  3. With the s300 non-VTEC ECUs may use an alternate output (ACC, FANC etc) to activate the VTEC solenoid.