2022 1.5 Turbo Civic FlashPro
Hondata releases FlashPro for the 2022 1.5 Civic Turbo. Generating 34 hp and 50 lb-ft of torque over stock.
Updated August 13, 2021
There will be no phone support for the foreseeable future. Contact to obtain an RMA and instructions before sending anything. We are accepting S300s, K-Pros and Reflashes for installs and upgrades. Turnaround time for S300s, RMAs and Reflashes are 1-2 weeks. Turnaround time for K-Pros is 3-4 weeks. Please do not contact us asking if we have received your ECU, instead check your tracking number. If it shows delivered, we have it .
Online orders are still being processed, but may take up to a week to ship. All online order cut-off times will be 1:00pm PST.
FedEx has suspended their Money-Back-Guarantee until further notice for most freight methods except Priority/Standard Overnight and First/Priority Overnight services, due to the increase in U.S. e-commerce and other effects of the pandemic throughout the world.
Hondata FlashPros cases have now changed to a darker gray color. Please note that these are not counterfeit.
400 hp calibration release for European FK8 Civic Type R
Hondata has released two 98 RON calibrations for the European Civic Type R.
+ 67 HP with stock boltons.
+111 HP with full bolt ons. Europe only. Not for US fuel.
Instant Jailbreak for 2020 US Civic Type R
Instant Jailbreak is now available for the 2020 US Civic Type R. The Jailbreaker temporarily bypasses the CAN gateway on the 2020 US market Honda Civic Type R so that you can instant jailbreak the ECU without the need to remove the ECU from the vehicle and send it to Hondata.
FK8 Civic Type R fuel system upgrade release
FK8 Civic Type R fuel system upgrade. Carefully designed and thoroughly tested for a 24% increase in fuel flow over the stock fuel system.
2020 Civic Type R  Jailbreak

Hondata announces the 2020 Civic Type R jailbreak.

The 2020 US Civic Type R has sensing and with it a different engine computer. The ECU must be sent to Hondata for jailbreaking.

Instant jailbreak

Hondata announces the instant jailbreak.

An 'Instant Jailbreak' allows your FlashPro to jailbreak your FK2/FK8 ECU in your vehicle without the need to remove the ECU

Hondata has new mobile apps for Android and iOS with many great features like customizable gauges, graphing, fuel economy, race track mapping and dashcam.
Hondata updates FlashProManager to support Flex Fuel for the 2.0 Honda Accord turbo.
2016+ Civic /  2018+ Accord Traction Control - Hondata FlashPro
The 2016+ Civic / 2018+ Accord gets software based traction control using the ABS wheel speed sensors. It works the same as our Traction Control, except that there is no wiring involved and it is free. More information is here
Hondata releases FlashPro for Acura RDX
Hondata releases FlashPro for the 2019 RDX.
Hondata goes carbon neutral
Pioneering engine tuning company Hondata re-energizes their business with solar. In a bid to reduce their environmental impact, Hondata has equipped their business with sufficient solar panels to become carbon neutral. Despite running multiple computers 24 hours per day, Hondata generates enough power to run their business and charge an electric car, while also feeding excess power into the grid. In the future Hondata plans to provide staff charging stations for upcoming Honda electric vehicles...
Hondata has posted FlashPro Manager V3.2.1, which addresses Accord 2.0 hesitation at altitude. Recommended for all users. Check for updates from the help menu, open your calibration and upload. Release notes and direct download available:
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