Discontinued in 2005 - information for reference only


HondaLogger is datalogging software which datalogs from the ECU using a laptop connected to the interface box. Datalogging recording can be saved so that they can be viewed later on for analysis. HondaLogger is an invaluable diagnostic tool for your car, allowing you to load and save recordings, graph and compare sensor values and diagnose error codes.


  • Over 40 channels (or sensors) can be datalogged.
  • Datalogging speed of 900-1000 samples/second with a modern laptop.
  • Typically 6+ hrs recording time.
  • Real time sensor display.
  • Datalogging can be saved, loaded and re-played.
  • Sensors can be graphed.
  • Error codes can be read and reset from the laptop.

Download a working version of this software with an example recording from a 10 lap circuit race. 

Virtual Dashboard

virtual dashboard

A virtual dashboard shows sensors in real time as they are datalogged, or as a recording is played back. When playing back a datalogging recording the playback position can be paused or moved forward and backwards.


Sensors can be added to a strip graph.  The graph can be zoomed in and out, and moved around to different portions of the recording. While datalogging or playing back a recording the graph window will follow the digital dashboard.


  • Hondata s200 with datalogging enabled (or stage 4, or stage 2 or 3 with datalogging option).
  • Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP
  • Pentium 133 with 16 MB minimum.
  • Pentium 400 with 64 MB recommended.

HondaLogger will run on lower specification laptops, but recording speed will be reduced.  Because the laptop is used to store the data from the ECU, recording time is essentially unlimited. In practice 4-6 hours can be recorded on most laptops without problems.

Movie Export

Here is a sample in-car and datalogging overlay movie (6 MB, Windows media format).

The option to export a recording as a movie was added with HondaLogger V3.5.3 This creates an AVI file of some of the sensors in the recording, with a blue background so that the exported movie may be combined with video from a vehicle. The best way to show how this works is by an example.

In car video:

movie_incar.jpg (67720 bytes)

Video from HondaLogger:

movie_dl.jpg (26205 bytes)

Combined video:

movie_combined.jpg (76212 bytes)

Size warning: The AVI files are uncompressed and are approximately 1.8 GB per minute, so you will need plenty of disk space

Exporting the Movie

In HondaLogger from the File menu select Export Movie.

At first it is best to experiment exporting a very short clip and viewing the resulting AVI until you are pleased with the options.

  • Filename - The filename which the resulting movie is saved as.
  • Time Span - Sets the start and end times of the recording, in seconds.
  • AVI Settings - Sets the frame rate and size for the movie. For best results match the frame rate with that of the video which you are going to merge the recording to. For NTSC the standard frame rate and size is 29.97 fps and 720 x 480 pixels. The font size specifies the size of the characters for printed information.
  • Information - Sets what information is shown, and where it is placed.

Merging the exported video with in-car video

To merge the two videos you need to set the options for the HondaLogger video so that chroma blue is treated as transparent. To do this on Adobe Premier use a transparent filter with a 'key type' of 'blue screen'. Note that some movie editing applications (such as Microsoft Move Maker) do not support merging two video files.


The exported movie must be smaller than about 2.2 GB, which is about 1:30-2:00 minutes. To create movies longer than this you must break export the movie as two or more parts.