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Hondata, Inc.
2840 Columbia St
Torrance, CA 90503

Team Hondata takes 9 records

Torrance CA.
Friday 10th September 2010

Hondata’s RSX and CRX scooped the pool with an impressive 9 class records at this year’s Bonneville speedweek.

Running a destroked K20 to give it 1.5 litres capacity, the Hondata RSX took 5 class records – 4 with a Kraftwerks supercharger kit and one with nitrous.

“Despite having 25% less engine capacity, the addition of a Kraftwerks / Rotrex Supercharger kit gave us almost 550 HP - more than enough to exceed 200 MPH and blow away the previous turbocharged records” says Hondata co-owner Doug. “This is a stunning amount of power for a 1.5 litre engine. In fact we had to back off to 3/4 throttle for the last mile because we were up against the rev limiter. Even then we smashed one of the old records by 47 mph.”

All the blown records were run on the short 3 mile course as opposed to the long 5 mile course. With taller gearing and another 2 miles to run, 210-220 mph is next year’s target.

The Hondata CRX with its 2.1 litre and a 100 shot from it’s Nano Nitrous system took 4 class records catapulting mother of two, Miriam Macmillan into the record books.

Following in the wake of her record-breaking husband Doug, and outdoing Kiwi land speed record breaking legend Burt Munro, Miriam became the first Kiwi woman to join Bonneville’s elite 200mph club earlier this month after a 204.364 (329kph) run on the salt flats.

As well as being the first Kiwi woman to earn her 200mph hat at Bonneville, Miriam is only the third New Zealander of either gender to do so (the first was Lincoln Harris, and the second was her husband Doug, in 2008 at an average speed of 221 mph). Qualifying for membership of this elite club isn’t as simple as exceeding 200mph either: the record time is assessed on the basis of the average speed of two timed runs down the course within a specified time period and those runs must break an existing class record as well.

Miriam joined the club running her Honda with a high-performance nitrous oxide fuel mix and special aerodynamic enhancements to the car’s nose and underbelly. She smashed the previous record for her class by 28mph (45kph) and the vehicles she outpaced along the way included a Ferrari Enzo, which is one of the world’s fastest production road cars.

“Running at over 200mph is hard to describe, but I can tell you it is a real buzz,” says Miriam. “You’re out there on the big, wide-open salt flats, you build up to speed, and just hang in there hoping that nothing goes wrong!”

“For a 20 year old car it was very well behaved” says Miriam. “It was smooth, stable and handled everything we could throw at it, which was really pleasing. Actually, it had a lot more speed in it, but I had to back off as I was on the redline. I’ll definitely be back next year with different gearing to see how fast it really goes.”

The stunning results were a testament to the reliability of Honda engines and the hard work of the Hondata team; Craig Corbin, Daniel Butler and Alan Pinho team, who worked from dawn to dusk on both cars for seven days.

And while Miriam’s story in itself is an impressive achievement, so to is the growth of Hondata, a company founded by New Zealanders Doug Macmillan and Derek Stevens just 10 years ago and which is now producing world leading tuning hardware and software for Honda and Acura motor vehicles from it’s LA base.

Away from the workshop, Doug’s Acura RSX has set 13 records at Bonneville in the past 4 years, with a top speed of 234 mph (377 km/h)



Interview with Doug Macmillan

Interview with Miriam Macmillan

Interview with Daniel Butler, RSX Co-Driver

Hondata RSX 0-205mph front and rear external camera views

Prime Time Television New Zealand coverage.

Doug and Miriam Macmillan full New Zealand media interview


Photo Gallery

Click to link to photo gallery.

Records achieved

Class Old record (mph) New Record (mph) Increase (mph)
F/GCC 173.946 176.578 2.632
F/FCC 176.699 204.364 27.665
F/FALT 173.059 187.212 14.153
F/GALT 173.325 174.208 0.883
H/BGCC 163.808 200.152 36.344
H/BFCC 149.485 196.831 47.346
H/BGALT 164.158 202.428 38.270
H/BFALT 195.818 202.671 6.853
G/FALT 184.025 185.303 1.278
Total     175.424

SCTA Record results page.

Class records are an average of two runs:

A guide to classes:

  • F = 2 to 3 liters
  • G = 1.5-2 litres
  • H = 1-1.5 litres

/B = Blown
/G = gas (spec gasoline – non oxygenated),
/F = fuel (Any fuel can be used. Our choice was nitrous oxide)
ALT = altered coupe (minor nose alterations)
CC = competition coupe (smoother nose and bellypan)

Engine specifications

2005 Acura RSX 1990 RHD Japanese CRX
K20a 89mm by 61mm - 1.5 litre K20a 87.5mm by 86mm - 2.1 litre
Cunningham Rods Cunningham Rods
Darton Sleeves Darton Sleeves
CP Pistons - 8.8 compression ratio CP Pistons - 10.0 compression ratio
IPS K2 camshafts Drag Cartel Stage 4 camshafts
ID 2000cc injectors Acura RDX 410cc injectors modified to 800cc
Hondata K-Pro Hondata K-Pro
Kraftwerks intake manifold 62mm Kinsler individual throttle bodies
3" exhaust 3" exhaust
Rotrex C38-71 supercharger  
549 wheel Hp at 9600 RPM 290 wheel HP at 9600 RPM (400 with nitrous)
205 mph at 9500 rpm 207mph at 9400 rpm


Sponsors and contributors

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