Output Setup

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This controls the Traction Control to ECU analog output.  For the s300 and KPro these settings do not need to be altered.




Output scalar is the voltage scalar for the overslip amount.


Output offset is the offset applied to the output voltage.  Typically 1V is used so that an voltage offsets are reduced in magnitude.


Output offset is the maximum voltage output by the Traction Control unit.  It is useful to set this value below the ECU input maximum or error value.


Output Control

Two different methods can be used to control the ECU output. Output Smoothing generates an output proportional to the over slip rate, with parameters to control the output rate of change.  PID control uses a proportional integral derivative control algorithm to determine the ECU output value.




Maximum output is the maximum output voltage. This should be slightly less than the maximum voltage setting in the ECU software, so that the ECU can detect if the input signal is open circuit.


Maximum rate of change limits the output voltage both increasing and decreasing.  It is not recommended to alter these settings.


Proportional / integral / derivative gain control the PID outputs.  For more information see PID control.