General Settings

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Windows Themes


Enables / disables the use of Windows Themes (from Windows XP upwards).


Table change for increase and decrease keys


This sets the amount by while the ignition and fuel tables are altered when the increase and decrease keys are used to alter a selection in the Table Window


File Association


Check this to associate calibration and datalogging files with SManager.  Associating files with SManager will automatically start SManager if a S300 calibration or datalog file is opened.


Automatic Updates


Automatic check for for new software version will check for software updates when SManager is first run, up to once per day.  If an update is available then it may be downloaded from the Help menu.


Include beta software versions will additionally check for new beta software versions as well.


Note that even if 'Include beta software versions' is not checked, existing beta versions will be prompted to upgrade if a later production or beta software version exists.




Sets the default graph display length (in seconds) when recording.





ECU connected shows a hint window when the ECU is powered on and connected.


Error codes shows a hint window if any error codes are detected when datalogging.


Driver Check shows a balloon hint from the status bar if there is a problem with the USB driver.




USB driver not installed correctly.



Driver installed correctly.


Screen Saver