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S300 Security

Your S300 has two levels of security to help identify and prevent theft of the S300.


Owner Information can be password protected.  This prevents the owner information and registration details from being altered without the security password.
An option may be set requiring the security password before uploading calibrations to the S300.  This prevents the S300 from being used without the security password.


If your S300 is stolen please contact Hondata with details about the theft, including the S300 serial number.


Setting a Security Password


A Security Password may be set from the Online -> Set Security Password menu.



The S300 must be connected to the laptop and the ignition needs to be switched on.



Entering a password

Leave Current Password empty, as by default the security password is empty. Enter your new password twice to ensure that the new password has been entered correctly.


Changing Your Password

Enter your current security password, or leave blank if no password has been entered, and enter your new password twice to ensure that the new password has been entered correctly.


Removing Your Password

To remove a password enter your current password and leave the new password fields empty..


Upload Security

Check Require security password when uploading to ask for the security password each time a calibration is uploaded to the S300.


Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten or lost your security password, it may be sent to the registered owner's email address.


A lost or forgotten security password can be retrieved from the Registered Owner tab of the S300 window, by clicking on Retrieve Lost Password.  An internet connection is required.


The Security Password will be sent to the Registered Owner's email address.  If the email address is in-accessible or invalid, then the S300 will need to be sent to Hondata to remove the security password.  In this case additional information will be required by Hondata to prevent fraud.