Launch Control Parameters

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This tab contains settings relating to the launch rev limiter, which operates while the car is stationary or moving slowly in order to give more consistent starts.





Input - selects the arming input for the launch control.  Note that the input may be set to 'Always on'.


Invert Input - reverses the effect of an input.


Maximum Speed - determines at what speed the launch limiter should disengage.





This is the maximum engine speed while the launch limiter is in operation.


Fuel & Ignition

These are optional settings to adjust the fuel and ignition while the launch limiter is operational.




Activation RPM - determines when the fuel and ignition should be adjusted.  Normally this should be below the launch limiter rpm (above), otherwise the fuel and ignition changes will not take affect.


Fuel Enrichment - is the amount of fuel to add or remove.


Ignition Retard - is the change in ignition timing.


Important Note

Retarding the ignition and adding fuel in order to spool a turbo will result in a rapid increase in cylinder head, manifold, turbo and exhaust temperature.


Burnout Rev Limiter


The burnout rev limiter operates when a switched input is activated. The main launch limiter does not need to be enabled.


If activated the burnout limiter overrides the launch limiter rpm.