Graph Window

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The graph window displays sensor values either while recording, or while reviewing a datalogged recording.



The graph may be scrolled using the scroll bar at the bottom of the window. A cursor may be positioned on the screen by left-clicking on the graph window. This will change the sensor values displayed in the Sensors Window.


Graph Templates

The graph window displays sensors based on pre-defined graph templates. These templates specify the number of sub-graphs on the graph window, and the sensors in each sub-graph. For more information see the Graph Templates Window


Graph Menu

Additional graph functions may be accessed either from the Graph menu, or by right clicking on the graph window.




Zoom In - zooms the graph in centered on the cursor.

Zoom Out - zooms the graph out centered on the cursor.

Zoom Full - shows the full recording on the graph window.

Next Template - selects the next graph template.

Previous Template - selects the previous graph template.

Define Templates - opens the Graph Templates Window