Full Throttle Shift Parameters

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This tab contains settings relating to a rev limiter used while shifting so that gear shifts can be performed without releasing the throttle.  Normally an external switch, activated from the clutch pedal, is used to activate the shift limiter.





Input - selects the arming input for the launch control.

Invert Input - reverses the effect of an input.





Shift Limiter RPM - is the limiter rpm when the shift limiter is activated. Normally this is around the rpm where the next gear would engage, typically 6000-7000 rpm.

Minimum speed - minimum speed for shift limiter to activate.

Minimum Tps - minimum throttle position for shift limiter to activate.


Strain Gauge Shift Cut


The Strain Gauge activated shift cuts the engine for a specified time interval based on the input from a strain gauge.




Cut Duration - duration of engine cut (minimum 100ms).

Reactivation Delay - delay before the shift cut may be activated again.


The strain gauge input is digital ie off or on, not voltage.  A voltage comparator can be used to convert analog voltages to a digital signal.