VTEC Parameters

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This tab contains parameters for setting the VTEC point & window.


VTEC Window


The VTEC window is a variable VTEC switch point based on engine speed and engine load. Usually you want the VTEC point to move higher with lighter engine load. The above screen shot shows VTEC switching at 3800 rpm when the manifold pressure is 96 kPa or above (which is close to full throttle), increasing in a linear fashion to 5500 rpm at 30 kPa manifold pressure (which is light throttle).


Do not set the VTEC switch point too low as there will be insufficient oil pressure for the rest of the engine. As a guide do not go below 2000 rpm.


Do not set the VTEC switch point too high as the high speed rocker arm will float on the lost motion spring and damage the valve train. As a guide do not set the VTEC point higher than 6500 rpm.


VTEC Options



VTEC oil pressure For JDM engines and JDM ECUs disable the VTEC oil pressure sensor.


P0341 This error is generated if the phase difference between the intake and exhaust cams is more than about 5 degrees.  Some after market camshafts will generate this error.


Minimum Speed - is the minimum vehicle speed before the cams switch to the high speed lobe.




VTC Disable VTC for engines with locked camshafts or for S2000s.


Lock VTC - fixes the cam advanced to a certain value.  This is useful when tuning one cam angle table at a time.


Secondary Intake Runner Options


The option is only available for engines with secondary intake runners. Disable the secondary intake runners if the intake manifold is replaced with a single path manifold (e.g. a supercharger manifold).