Vault Terms of Service

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Acceptable Use

You agree to use Hondata Vault responsibly, including the following conditions:

Hondata Vault must only be accessed from the provided interface in Hondata software.
May not be used for advertising, promotion or marketing.
Public calibrations stored in Hondata Vault are for personal use only, and may not be downloaded and hosted elsewhere.
No multiple accounts. Only one account can be used to access Hondata Vault.
File content. Only files directly related to Hondata products (calibrations and datalogs) may be stored using Hondata Vault.
Vault may not be used for the storage or transmission of illegal or objectional material.
Malicious files. No calibrations designed to run poor or potentially cause engine damage.



Calibrations not marked private are retrievable by other Hondata Vault users, and should be considered public.
Calibrations marked private will not be used by Hondata, or shared with any third parties.
All other files (not calibrations) are private.
Server side encryption is not used, so please do not store any files on Hondata Vault which contain confidential information.