Misc Parameters

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Additional miscellaneous parameters.


ECU Options



Immobilizer enabled - Sets whether the immobilizer is enabled or disabled. Keep the immobilizer enabled except for engine-swaps where the vehicle has no immobilizer key and transponder.


Note that if you enable the immobilizer you must switch the ignition off and back on before the engine will start.


Sec O2, FTP, PA, ELD - Enables/disables secondary functions for ECUs which do not contain the circuitry to check these sensors.


Purge system - should only be disabled for race vehicles with no evaporative controls, otherwise the purge canister will fill with fuel.


ELD - disable for vehicles without an ELD circuit (eg engine swaps).


Invert EPS/PSP input - inverts the power steering  input (for some ECUs with inverted PSP input).


Ignition Timing


Cold retard - enables/disables ignition retard when the engine is cold.  Some vehicles run significantly better when cold if the ignition retard is disabled.


ECU Speed Correction


Normal speed sensor - uses the normal transmission speed sensor driven from the final drive (approx 4 pulses per revolution).


Countershaft driven speed sensor - check this option if using a transmission with a countershaft driven speed sensor (e.g. 2005 RSX). The ECU will then convert the pulses from the speed sensor to the correct frequency for the gauge cluster.


Alternate speed input - use the KPro4 Vss input for the ECU speed input.  The number of pulses per mile can be set, as can the smoothing.


No speed sensor - check this option is you do not have a speed sensor input. The vehicle speed will be set to a constant 80 kph / 50 mph. Note that using this option is only recommended if there are no other alternative, as the speed signal is important for the correct operation of the ECU. You will not be able to use the reverse lock out. If at all possible, use a speed sensor input.


Speedometer correction - adjusts the speedometer output in percentage steps, positive or negative. Works for normal speed sensors and countershaft driven speed sensors.


Air Conditioning Switch Input


Normally the AC on signal is sent to the ECU via the multiplex communication bus. For vehicles which do not have the multiplexer, such as the S2000, it is possible to use the VTP input as an alternate AC switch input. Note that the multiplexer and VTEC pressure check should both be disabled. The normal ECU AC clutch output is used.


Fuel Pump


Priming time is the length of time the fuel pump runs when the ignition is first switched on. For flex fuel ethanol sensors it is useful to increase the prime time in order to keep fuel flowing through the sensor before the engine is started.


Run fuel pump continuously is useful to drain the fuel tank.  Be careful as fuel pumps can be damaged from running the tank dry.