Gear Compensation Parameters

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Fuel compensation by Gear

The fuel compensation table specifies the fuel change for each gear, as a percentage compensation. To remove fuel, enter a negative value.



Ignition Compensation by Gear

The ignition compensation table specifies the ignition timing change for each gear, in degrees. To retard the ignition, enter a negative value.



Gear Ratios

Set gear ratios here so that the correct compensation tables are used.


Additionally the 'Select Ratios' button allows the quick selection of gear ratios for some common gearboxes.



Acceleration Smoothing Retard

Honda has a special ignition retard which will retard the ignition when the throttle is opened quickly in order to prevent lateral oscillations of the vehicle ('bunny hopping').  The ignition is only retarded when the engine is accelerating in order to dampen the acceleration of the vehicle. Often this is apparent in a datalog.




The ignition retard can be adjusted by rpm, gear and duration.



Tip in retard

Sets the amount of retard by rpm and the A/C status. To disable all smoothing retard set the retard values to 0.


Tip in retard gear multiplier

Adjusts the amount of retard by gear.  A value of -100% is minimum retard; a value of 0 or higher is more ignition retard.


Tip in retard duration

Sets the retard duration by gear. The units are milliseconds x 25.