Onboard Datalogging Parameters

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Datalogging parameters control the datalogging to on-board flash memory on the KPro board.  Note that only boards with a serial number of 4111 or greater have on board datalogging.





Enabling on board datalogging will automatically start datalogging once the start condition(s) are met.


The datalogging frequency determines the recording time and resolution. The rate can be varies from 5 to 50 Hz. For KPro4 a datalogging rate of 100Hz is supported.


Datalogging Start/Stop


Datalogging can be setup to start and stop in two different ways: using a unused ECU input as a switch, or based on engine parameters.


Using a manual switch will start datalogging when the switch is on, and stop once the switch is off.



Base on engine parameters will start datalogging once the start conditions are both met (engine speed and throttle). Datalogging continues until both the stop conditions (engine speed and vehicle speed) are met.




Also see On board datalogging for an overview and how to download datalogs to a laptop.