Analog Temperature

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Certain temperature sensors may be connected directly to the KPro analog inputs.  Temperature sensors contain a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) resistor, and decrease in resistance with increasing temperature.  Because the NTC resistor does not provide a voltage output, a pull up resistor must be used so the KPro can measure the sensor resistance.


Temperature sensors have non linear resistance to temperature and cannot use a straight voltage to temperature conversion table. Conversions for common sensors are built into KManager using Steinhart-Hart co-efficients.


Supported Sensors

Delphi 25036751 (air temperature)
Delphi TS10075 (coolant temperature)
Bosch 0280130039 (air temperature)
Bosch 0280130026 (coolant temperature)
Delphi 12160855 / AEM 30-2012 (fluid temperature)


Other Delphi and Bosch part numbers may have the same output characteristics are the above sensors.



A 1.5k ohm (1500 ohm) 1% resistor must be used between the analog input and 5V. The 5V source can be any of the ECU VCC outputs.  The sensor can be grounded to any ECU signal ground (SG3 in the picture).




A suitable resistor is a 1% 1/8 watt metal film resistor by Vishay/Dale, part #RN55D1501FB14