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Are the voltages produced by the Coil Pack Retrofit dangerous?
No, the CPR only provides a trigger signal to the coil packs using battery voltage.  However, if you are using the Coil Pack Retrofit to drive a CDI ignition system be aware that dangerous voltages do exist with a CDI ignition system.


Can I use capacitive (two wire) coils?
No, not without a CDI driver.  CDI coils have different electrical characteristics than inductive coils, and require a much higher primary voltage (about 500V vs 14V for inductive coils).


Can I remove the distributor?
The distributor is still required to send engine position signals to the ECU.


Do I need the rotor and coil inside the distributor?
No, these are not used and may be removed.


Do I need to retain the coils to stop them coming out of the spark plug tubes?