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Virus detection

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Some anti-virus software falsely detects a virus in our software.

The symptom is a message like 'cannot start' when you try to run the software.

The first point to make is that there is no virus. Both the main application executable (eg KManager.exe) and the installation executable (eg KManager-1-2-4.exe) have digital certificates signed by Hondata. If the files are altered in any way then the certificates are marked as invalid. If you are unsure as to whether our software contains a virus, then right click on the file, access 'Digital Signatures' then click on 'Hondata Inc'. It should mention 'The digital signature is ok'. If any single bit of the file is altered, then it will say 'The digital signature is invalid'.

The anti-virus software authors have been contacted over the last few months. Some have fixed the problem, however the flagging of our software as containing a virus seems to vary from release to release of both the anti-virus software and our own software.

The best option at the moment is to disable protection for the application directory (eg c:\program files\kmanager\). Note that often you need to do this in two places - both for the active scanning and file scanning.

Note that adding an exclusion as above does not work with many anti-virus programs - the anti-virus will still false positive and you must uninstall the anti-virus software.

We recommend Windows Security Essentials (up to Windows 8) and Windows Defender (Windows 8). They're free as well and don't slow down the PC.
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