07 Civic Reflash and CAI

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07 Civic Reflash and CAI

Post by Colebob »

I am new to this and have searched but have not found answers. I would like to add the reflash to a 2001 Civic Si. To do so I understand that I need at least an intake, header or a combination of both. I would like to just replace the intake, but was curious:

1) How much difference in torque and HP will there be between stock, reflash + CAI, and reflash + CAI + Header.

I am not so much looking at the numbers, but rather feel and performance but i assume the numbers will be the best way to tell.

2) I beleive I have read that a Cold air intake is much better to pair with the reflash than a short ram. Is that correct?
3) If 2) is true, is there a specific brand that you recommend? AEM or Injen seem to be the most popular based on my research?

Lastly, if adding a header makes a BIG difference in addition to the CAI and reflash, again what models are recommended? I would like to stay emmissionis legal if at all possible, so does that mean either the CT Engineering shorty or the Vibrant with a cat? If so, which one works best?

Lastly, I seem to be concluding that an exhaust is the least beneficial and will not make any material difference. Is that correct? If it was material and not just a few HP and ft pounds, then I would like it fairly quiet...and for that I think there is one Greddy SE or similar? But...is that any better than stock for performance?

Sorry for all the questions and I appreciate any and all advice.

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Post by Colebob »

Deafening Silence. I suspect my own fault for a couple of reasons:

1) I see I typed 2001 Si vs should of been 2007
2) Perhaps it is a dumb question or inappropriate? If so, I apologize.


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Post by Spunkster »

Complete details of the Reflash can be seen on our website. The Flash Pro would be a much better option for you as it is fully tunable and can be customized for your specific modifications.

We cannot recommend one brand over another, but Cold air intakes are always better than short rams.
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Post by Colebob »

Thank you for the explanation. I am inexperienced at reading Dyno's, but in looking at the website and the dyno's, here is what I am concluding. Please tell me if I have gone wrong somewhere. :-)

If I have a CAI of any good brand, I will have at 6,000 RPM:
Torque 122
HP 142

If I add the reflash to my CAI, at 6,000 RPM I will have:
Torque 135
HP 156

If I have a CAI of any good brand and a good Header, I will have at 6,000 RPM:

Torque 130
HP 149

If I add the reflash to my CAI and Header, I will have at 6,000 rpm:
Torque 155
HP 178

At max rpm of 8400, with just a CAI I would have:
Torque 145
HP 200

At max rpm of 8400 with both a CAI and a Header, I would have:
Torque 160
HP 217

So...as I look at this, and assuming per the website this is all still with a stock exhaust (which I prefer unless that would add substantial HP and Torque), I am concluding:

A reflash is great...adds substantially to both scenarios.
BUT, ading a header to go along with a CAI increase torque by an additional 20 ft lbs and additional HP by 22.

If that is correct, having both a CAI and a Header seems to make a ton of sense (as much sense as getting the reflash).

Please if I am concluding incorrectly from what I am seeing on the website, please let me know (and please confirm if I am reading correctly).


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