ID1000cc Injectors H22a Turbo

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ID1000cc Injectors H22a Turbo

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would anyone have a base map setup for Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors, have loaded base map suited for my engine from here h22a GT3582r etc but runs pig rich, mainly just need the injectors setup changed to suit

any help would be great


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Re: ID1000cc Injectors H22a Turbo

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here's my map, its a rough tune, only low load got tuned before I had other issues on the dyno.
t3/67mm turbo
id1000 injectors
omni 4bar map
ge intake manifold
70mm tb
base fuel around 50psi
starting over_from scratch.skl
last update sold car...
closed loop +/- 4%
plx into d10
(43.61 KiB) Downloaded 152 times
starting over_from scratch.skl
revised, lowered base fuel to 40psi,
(41.09 KiB) Downloaded 166 times
rough map, keep out of vtec and under 5000rpm
(42 KiB) Downloaded 169 times

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