Full throttle shift wiring

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Full throttle shift wiring

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All threads I found on this subject are unclear and/or incomplete. When wiring full throttle shift from the cruise control/clutch switch, there are two wires coming off of the switch. Does one go to ground and one to the input on the ecu? Does it matter what wire off the switch goes to ground/ecu input? Does anything need to be done with the original existing wire for the input, does it need to be grounded or just disconnected and left alone? Does Continuity to ground complete the circuit when input is not inverted or is it the other way around?
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Re: Full throttle shift wiring

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Yes that is how it needs to be wired. You must disconnect the original wire and tape it or cap it to keep it form shorting out. Some inputs may have to be inverted so they are normally on instead of off or vise versa.
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