B20V Turbo (Rich and Lean Issues)

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B20V Turbo (Rich and Lean Issues)

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Lately I've been having issues. My car was tuned by Felix (Gato) Medina about 2 months ago in New Jersey and i always had a problem with the car running rich. I changed my fuel pressure regulator and set it 45 psi, AFR was reading 11.8 and then I brought it up to 50 psi and it read 12.0 to 12.5 and all of a sudden car starts breaking boost on high Rpm's. Goes extremely rich that my AFR gauge shows low 9's and on idle it goes so lean that the car is about to stall. I put new NGK 2669 spark plugs the other day and gap them to 0.16. I will really appreciate it if anybody can give me some info on how to adjust or fix this problem. I should be getting a new distributor in the next week or so but i know the car is still going to run rich after that
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Re: B20V Turbo (Rich and Lean Issues)

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It sounds like you need to take it back to the tuner to have them take a look at what is happening.
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