Discussion: Adding more resolution to the maps or not?

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Discussion: Adding more resolution to the maps or not?

Post by Luke »

I'd like to start a discussion about the map resolution for N/A and boosted cars.

the stock maps are written, in my example I'm using the provided P30 USDM calibration by hondata, in non-VTEC from 500rpm to 8000rpm and VTEC from 0rpm to 8950rpm.

I just wondered, why I shouldn't raise the resolution of those maps.

since, on a stock engine (ok, I/E modified), the VTEC crossover is round 5k or at least 6k rpm, I just could rewrite the stock map so far, that my non-VTEC map ends at 6500rpm, which gives me some more rows in the mid-rpm-range and, of course, for the VTEC maps from 5k to 9k.

this would allow me, in my opinion, that the differences, where the ECU has to interpolate the values is smaller. with a proper tune I shall gain some milage, maybe some better throttle response, since the ECU has now smaller gaps between the columns etc.

of course, the ignition-maps have to be rewritten, too, but here is the interpolaton function of the smanager quite nice.

this idea could be thought at an lager scale:
adding rows by using secondary maps,like:
non-VTEC1 = 0-3000
non-VTEC2 = 3000-6500
VTEC1 = 5000-7500
VTEC2= 7500-9000

and to gain resolution in the columns the boost tables could be used.

for boost applications of course the same idea: take the 3bar boost map, rewrite it for 1.5bar = double resolution.

what are your thoughts about that?!
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Re: Discussion: Adding more resolution to the maps or not?

Post by MotorMo »

It is possible- I widened my "load" range and turned 10 cells into 20 cells after some math work. I think this helped show some minor wrinkles I could iron out. I have yet to run into any hic ups with the "spread", and have been running it for over a year now this way.
I'll attach an example 20 cell NA tune.
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Re: Discussion: Adding more resolution to the maps or not?

Post by Johnny_9 »

Worth a try.

Would there be an issue with data-logging/snake trails (& how it works on secondary maps)? May impact the user friendliness of the whole process.
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