H22a VTEC Spooling Issue

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H22a VTEC Spooling Issue

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Hi all,

I have got the following problem on my H22a whereby the engine does not "turn" after the 5600RPM mark. Basically, I dont get the distintive sound on the engine (which I use to have previously) when the VTEC kicks in.

Honda Prelude 4th gen
S300 on P30 ECU

What I have done thus far:
1) Checked with a local Hondata tuner that the Hondata is working fine and the software shows that the VTEC does kicked in. Software working fine.
2) Have used a bulb to connect from the VTEC Solenoid and we tested on road that bulb did turn on when it hits pass the 5600RPM. This means the Solenoid is working fine.
3) Changed engine oil. Engine oil is at the optimum level.
4) Engine temp is at the optimum level
5) I have changed out 15825-P08-005 and 36172-P08-015 on the VTEC solenoid since that is one of the cheaper option to do.
6) NO CEL Code!

Speak to me ppl...help me out, I need to hear my engine spool when the VTEC kicks in.....I want to feel what I use to feel again!!!

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Re: H22a VTEC Spooling Issue

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post your calibration,

fuel reg. vac line?

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