VSS vs Gear vs rpm

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VSS vs Gear vs rpm

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My Smanager is reporting that I'm getting 125mph at 7560rpm in 4th gear using a H23 M2S4 gearbox. This seems high for this gearbox. According to some settings I see on the internet the ratios are 1st-3.307 2nd-1.857 3rd-1.32 4th-1.034 5th-0.812. Final Drive-4.266. I'm using these values in Smanager. According to the info I should be getting about 116mph at that rpm. So my question is how accurate is the vss data using smanager. Or is my 4th gear different (bought the box second hand so I don't know) 1st-3rd gear speeds seems to match but 4th and 5th dont. For example in 5th gear I get 136mph at 6334rpm vs my data which says it should be about 125mph. What are you guys getting relative to the gearbox data you're using? Data file attached-rename to .xls
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post your tire size. I'm guessing your h23 transmission is in a civic?
vss value must have something to do with tire size.
maybe the prelude / accord has bigger tire size