radiator fan switch overide Not working

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radiator fan switch overide Not working

Post by kmaz93da »

have s300 in my 93 integra gsr turboed, temp is always in 200-210 zone and stock fan runs alot, 180 deg. thermostat, have a fal fan, scrout and good coolent.

I want the fan to come on at 185-190 deg. I went to parameters,protection and selected the fan overide box and put even 150 and fan wont turn on?

any sugestions!!please help
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Post by Spunkster »

Your vehicle may not have the wiring to do this. You may have to add a wire from the ECU to a relay to turn on the fan. Turning on the fans will not keep the temps any lower if the fans are already always running. You need a bigger cooling system or to fix the cause of why it is running hot in the first place.
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Post by kmaz93da »

if i jump the fan switch with paper clip, and fan on all time, temps at 175-180..perfect...
but if i leave fan pluged in, temp will rise to 210 until fan kicks on then down to 200 when fan off..then back up to 210....so always in the 200 range
so if i was able to turn fan on earlyer like 185, temp will stay lower always...i have a good cooling system....I dont wannt hook up relay and more wire crap..
if s300 wont allow it than il just jump fan switch permanently...or found out spoon,mishimoto sells lower fan switches which i might buy..

was trying go the easy rout first
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Post by megomaniac »

you'll get more power out of a aftermarket fan when wired directly to battery and relay turning it on, and probably like a 20 or 30 amp fuse.
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Post by kmaz93da »

il take ur advis, but im not having an issue with not enought power to fan nor an overheating when fan is on all time...just wanting to adjust when fan turns on at 185-190... so s300 wont do it? other options is run relay, or buy aftermarket fan switch, or just cut fan switch plug wires and connect together..

what do you guys do? anyone have lowered their fan control?
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Post by fly_n »

S300 & ecu is not the problem,its most likely lack of wiring in your car that is the problem.

make sure u have the A12 wire from ecu to fan switch wire.
if its not there just add it & cut a relay into whatever is supplying the fan now(u might even have the relay installed already running the fan,especially if the car is/was running A/C)

really not a lot of work,hardest part is finding a spare pin for the ecu connector to run your new wire off.

then u will have adjustability & not limited by a fixed low temp switch.
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Post by RMS »

ecu has a bad driver in it... does your o2 heater control work? easy fix, i see it quite often.
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