K24/k20 calibration needed

K-Series Programmable ECU Calibration updates / downloads
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K24/k20 calibration needed

Post by danny6000xtr »

does anyone have a base start up calibration for a k24 with k20 head specs are below

k24a3 block with low 10.2 compression forged wiseco pistons
manley rods
4p oil pump
supertech ss valves, guides, 95lbs spring retaining kit
standard k20a2 cams
skunk2 throttle body and 3.5 skunk2 ultra race plenium
fic1650cc injectors
precision 6262 or 6266 turbo

any help will be thankful
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Re: K24/k20 calibration needed

Post by Hpmengine »

Hello, I hope you already get the calibration, it's a good project ... for your specifications certain data is needed ...
Plugs? fuel?...
if you need help contact me....
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