Burnt injector coil (twice)

K-Series Programmable ECU installation questions / support issues
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Burnt injector coil (twice)

Post by darknight »

Has anyone run into this issue? This is a K swap stock motor running a fine tuned base map from the software.

We have had 2 injector coils burn out. Has anyone experianced this? Or at least can anyone guess what the problem is.

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Post by locash »

I've never seen this before, and have probably tuned over 100 k-swapped cars.. I would take a close look at the wiring, although the coil stuff should all be in the stock RSX engine harness..
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Post by Hondata »

I've seen this where the blue/white coil trigger wire was mistaken for the alternator wire. Take the coils out, plug them in, switch on the ignition, and see if any get hot - they should not.