EP3 Si Reflash is enough?

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EP3 Si Reflash is enough?

Post by Mlyno »

I got a 2004 EP3 SI (k20a3) with alot of problems and check engine codes.
I took it today to mechanic, and he said my ECU don't match my VIN.
I called back previous owner of the car, and he said the engine and ecu and ignition was replaced for same k20a3

So i check which one ECU should be for my VIN, it show me 37820-PNF-A12, then i check what really i have and i found same 37820-PNF-A12.
So engine was replaced k20a3 > k20a3 and ecu 37820-PNF-A12 -> 37820-PNF-A12 so for exacly same parts.
My mechanic told me he can't do nothing with all the errors untill the ecu is not correct for the vehicle.

So question is, after doing a SWAP for SAME engine and same ecu as stock, anyway need to reflash ecu?

I want to reflash with hondata, but im not sure it will solve the problem.

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Re: EP3 Si Reflash is enough?

Post by Hondata »

The reflash will not make any difference to the codes. If the engine runs, and it is a PNF ECU, then the ECU is correct. Start working through the codes.

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