06 RSX-S K20Z1. Aem v2

Questions / support for the K-Series ECU re-flash
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06 RSX-S K20Z1. Aem v2

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Hi! i actually have a SRI Aem v2. I plant to reflash my ecu in few week. And later install a invidia q300, catback.

So my question is.. do the aem v2 , will be functionnal with the reflash. and eventually later with my catback ?

I don't have a cold air, cuz i take my car in winter.... so Which is the better option for me ? Keep my v2, or modified my stock air box ?

Thx a lot !

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Re: 06 RSX-S K20Z1. Aem v2

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I'm not admin, but from what I understand, the v2 is your best bet. The stock box is very restrictive and probly retains heat like a sponge.

The reflash is designed for intakes and exhausts. You'll be fine there. A CAI would get you more power, but the v2 will be fine.
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