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Note that you should never 'downgrade' your software version, as this will cause problems in cases where a later software update has updated the device firmware to a later version than what the software expects to find. It always is a good idea to use the most recent software version even if it is a beta.

FlashPro FlashProManager
Mapping and datalogging software.
Production release - full install - all vehicle models included. 8/22/2014 91 MB V1.9.3

Beta version (details)

12/18/2014 111 MB V2.0.1
K-Pro KManager
Mapping and datalogging software for the K-Series Programmable ECU.
Production release 3/20/2014 9 MB V3.3.1
Beta version (details) - required for KPro4 12/16/2014 17 MB V4.0.4
S300 SManager
Mapping and datalogging software for the OBD I ECU with S300.
Production release 5/14/2014 16 MB V2.3.3
Beta version (details) 12/11/2014 17 MB V2.3.4
Traction Control Traction Control Manager
  This is built into SManager, KManager and FlashPro Manager.  Download the most recent version of those to access the traction control software built into them.  You may need to download the Traction Control USB driver first.      
  Stand alone version.  DO NOT use this with the s300, KPro or FlashPro. 3/3/2014 10 MB V1.0.7
S200 ROMEditor4
Editing of boost, fuel and ignition values for S100 and 200 systems, also used to datalog s200's tuned with Romeditor 4 (files can only be saved when purchased)
06/23/2009 3 MB V1.1.0
  USB Fix
Users of RomEditor4 cables with a serial number prior to #0171 need to download, install and run a utility to fix a USB problem with these cables.
10/30/2008 1.2 MB RomEditor 4 USB FIX
Datalogging software for the s200 system, for systems tuned with Romeditor 3

USB Device Drivers

These are standalone installers with the USB device drivers for Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8.  Note that the USB drivers are exactly the same as those included with the FlashProManager / KManager / SManager software downloads above, and the install process is also the same as well.

FlashPro USB Drivers (8MB)

KPro USB Drivers (1MB)

S300 USB Drivers (1MB)

TractionControl USB Drivers (8MB)


K-Pro ECU install form.  This must accompany each ECU sent to Hondata for K-Pro install.

K-Series ECU reflash form  this must accompany each ECU sent to Hondata.

OBD1 ECU Socketing form  this must accompany each OBD1 ECU sent to Hondata for socketing. 

FlashPro Bluetooth Upgrade Upgrade from a non-Bluetooth FlashPro to Bluetooth.

s300 Upgrade form this is for anyone upgrading from a staged system or an s100/s200.

RMA form Before sending an ECU, you must call Hondata and once all trouble shooting is exhausted, an RMA number will be given.

s300 V3 upgrade form Upgrade an s300 V1 or V2 to an s300 V3

K-Pro V3 upgrade form this is for anyone upgrading an older V1 or V2 K-Pro to a V3

Brochures (Adobe Acrobat needed)

Brochure (330k) A two pages with a description of the stages and prices. Sept 16

Heatshield Gasket Kit (168k) Lower air intake temperatures for more power. Also see Heatshield. Feb 1

Manuals (Adobe Acrobat  or MS Word needed)

s100/s200 Installation Manual (2341KB) Describes the installation of the s200 Hondata system. 27 pages.

s100/s200 Users Guide (989KB) 14 page version for users of the s200 system. Smaller version of the installation manual.

Staged System Installation Manual (3200KB) Describes the installation of the Hondata system. 27 pages.

Staged System Users Guide (1267KB) 14 page version for users of the system. Smaller version of the installation manual.

Romulator Instructions Detailed instructions on how to connect and begin using the Romulator.

Hondata ROM Editor 2.5 manual (836k) For tuning injector settings, ignition and fueling tables.

HondaLogger Manual (204k) Describes the extensive datalogging capabilities.

Hondata s100 manual (html format).

Hondata G Sensor manual (html format).

Hondata Heatshield manual (html format).

S2000 K-Pro Dual instructions (pdf format).

TSX K-Pro Dual instructions (pdf format).


Full throttle (463k) An in car movie ( of the shift light and full throttle shift.

Full throttle (492k) An in car movie ( showing feet positions while shifting.

Launch (684k) An in car movie ( of the launch control at 3000 rpm.



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